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How to Simplify the Clutter in Your Life

Feb 24 2012

Clutter in your house has been shown to lead to stress, weight gain, and even sickness. Looking for a bill (or missing the payment entirely because you lost it) is stressful. When your sneakers are nowhere to be found, the likelihood of going out on a walk drops drastically. Clutter can even prevent you from effectively eliminating germs around your household.

(Photo courtesy of clutter-buster.com)

With the negatives stacking up, what can you do to get rid of clutter? Here are some tips to simplify the clutter in your life.

  • Get Started! The most difficult part of your de-cluttering journey is getting started. The key here is to set obtainable goals. Broad goals like, “I need to clean up my house” leave you feeling overwhelmed from the start. Try starting out with something simple like, “I will sort through all the paper on the countertop.” Smaller goals mean more victories in your war on clutter!
  • Read your mail over a trashcan.  One of the most common forms of clutter is the daily mail being left on countertops. Simply sorting through the mail over a trashcan (or recycling bin) means that the junk mail can be eliminated immediately, rather than sorting through it later. 
  • Set a time limit. When de-cluttering your kitchen or bedroom, be honest about an item’s use. For an example, if you haven’t worn a clothing item for over a year, the likelihood that you will ever use it again is very low. In the kitchen, if there has been pasta in the pantry for three years, it’s time to let go.
  • Keep items where you use them. One great contributor to clutter is neglecting to put items away when you’re finished with them. Remove the stress of looking for something that is out of place (and the clutter associated with it) by keeping items where you use them. Like mom always said – a place for everything, and everything in its place!
  • Make a decision! Clutter can be directly linked with indecision. Will I use it later? Will I go to this event? Will I actually read this magazine? Make a decision as soon as you get the information, instead of leaving something to “get to later.” 

The thought of getting started might seem daunting, but your household will seem much more organized and simple. 

And, as a bonus tip, you could consider using SimpliciKey. The keypad eliminates the stress of losing your keys—just type in a code and you’re in your home in a breeze! Tend to lose your keys in the clutter of your purse? Again, type in your personal 4-digit pin and you’re in your home—no searching for keys required!

What other objectives do you have to eliminate clutter from your life?