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5 Keys Made Famous by Movies

Mar 23 2012

Keys have been opening locks for years. Commonly they have opened doors, safes, handcuffs, and even started cars, but few keys have made it to the status of notoriety.  There are some famous keys in history, but most have been made famous from opening locks in popular movies.

Today we bring you 5 of the most famous keys from movies. 

Indian in the Cupboard: Cupboard Key

(Photo courtesy of childrens-books.lovetoknow.com)

One simple turn of the lock with the cupboard key and the toys within would spring to life! Now if only we could train the toys to clean the house. 

The Da Vinci Code: Inherited Bank Key

(Photo courtesy of kaboodle.com)

In the Da Vinci Code Sophie inherited a key to open an extremely high-tech lock. The contents of the safe held the cryptex, which locked away another clue for their mission. How frustrating!

 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Key

(Photo courtesy of filmedge.net)

Yar! Dis key be opening da most important lock on da Seven Seas. Behind this lock was the heart that Davy Jones cut out of his own chest. The key opened Dead Man’s Chest, giving the key’s owner the ability to kill Davy Jones. Dat be a disgusting treasure!

 Harry Potter: The Winged Keys

(Photo courtesy of harrypotter.wikia.com)

"They're not birds! They're keys! Winged keys." Harry made this connection standing in the third chamber of The Chamber of Secrets looking at the massive lock in front of him. We’re just glad that our keys aren’t winged; We’d never find them!

Lord of the Rings: Password to Mines of Moria

(Photo courtesy of middleearth.sqpn.com)

Though not technically a key in the physical sense, the password of Moria did unlock a door to the Mines of Moria. Speaking the Elven word for friend, “Mellon”, was the only way to open the ancient lock. Even the Middle Ages realized the need for a keyless door entry system.

Keys have played a large role as the turning point for so many adventures. As long as there are things to keep people out of, there will always be a need for the lock and key.

What other famous keys would you add to this list?