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Spring Cleaning Tips

Apr 06 2012

Can you hear the sighs of relief? Spring is in the air, and people are starting to come back out of their houses. This time of the year also brings the annual event of Spring Cleaning.  With these helpful tips we’ll have you out of the house and back to the beautiful weather in no time.

(Photo courtesy of minutewomen.net)

  • Make a Plan.  “Failing to plan is planning to fail” This may sound grim, but it shows how important having a plan is. Start with broad topics that you want to focus on (clean kitchen, change door hardware, clean closet). For each of these broad topics, break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. The key here is to determine what “being done” looks like, so you know the overall goal of your project.
  • Tackle One Area At A Time. It is easy to slide down the slippery slope of distractions. If you find some extra dishes while cleaning out the living room, take them to the kitchen to tackle next. Don’t fall into the trap of then making these dishes a new priority and abandoning the unfinished work in the living room.
  • Involve Your Children.  Kids might not like the concept of cleaning the entire house, but kids do love games. Break the jobs down into small, easily-completed tasks.. Create a chart, and let the kids earn a sticker for each completed task. Set a goal amount of stickers they need to get a prize like a new toy or ice cream cone.
  • Organize The Closet. The thought of “out of sight out of mind” makes the closet a prime location for clutter. The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in over a year, you aren’t going to wear it. It may be very tempting to leave old clothes in the closet, but this will leave room for new clothes.
  • Get Rid Of Old And Outdated Equipment. Spring cleaning is also a perfect time to rid yourself of old and outdated equipment around the house. If you are going to replace your old door locking system, why not upgrade to one that simplifies your life? With SimpliciKey you can unlock your door using a key fob from 50’ away, enter in a code in the keypad, or open the lock with a normal key. Now the stress of locking yourself out of the house is removed like all the trash from spring cleaning!
  •  Celebrate! The most overlooked, but still important, step to spring cleaning is to celebrate when you are done! You came up with a plan, got some new equipment, made some tough decisions, and made your home a better place. Have a nice glass of wine while you admire your handy work, or celebrate by going outside and do some well-deserved playing in the sun.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips to add to this list?