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Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects

Apr 20 2012

It’s almost the weekend! That sacred time each week where you can catch up with sleep, friends, family, or projects. We want you to knock out some of those projects this weekend, and still have free time for socializing. Here are some DIY home improvement projects that you can do with just one weekend:

(Photo courtesy of realestateexpress.com)

  • Install a Stainless Steel Back Splash – With just a few basic supplies and a little preparation, this DIY project can prevent grease and grime from getting on your wall. Plus, this material is extremely easy to clean.
  • Replace a Toilet Bowl – This may seem intimidating as a DIY project. With this video from Home Depot, you can see how simple of a project it really is. Now you can have a porcelain throne that you’re proud of!
  • Change Your Door Lock – The door lock is the part of the house that offers security for you and your family.  While adding security to your home, you can also add convenience with our electronic door lock. It’s simple to install—and only takes about twenty minutes!
  • Install LED Landscape Lighting – What a bright idea! Pun aside; this DIY project will keep your yard lit, while keeping your electricity costs down. Even though LED lights might initially cost more, they will last for up to 30 years and use much less energy than an incandescent bulb.

It’s very possible to do any of these DIY projects over the weekend and still have plenty of time for fun.  We believe that with these home improvements, you can start your journey to becoming a weekend warrior.

What other weekend DIY projects do you have on your schedule?