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More and More People Planning DIY Home Improvement Projects

Jun 07 2012

How is the economic climate affecting your living situation?  

According to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker’s March 28, 2012 report, only 10% of Americans are planning on moving in the next year. Instead of taking advantage of low housing prices, current homeowners fear they would not be adequately compensated for their current home.   

A whopping 70% of homeowners do plan on at least one home improvement project in the same period. Of those, 72% intend to complete their home improvement project themselves (up from 64% last year).

Photo courtesy of coffmanconstruction.com 

These ambitious DIY-ers are turning primarily to television for home design inspiration (43%)—and interestingly, open houses. One in six of those surveyed admitted to “crashing” an open house with no interest in purchasing the home. 15% of those claimed their intention was merely design inspiration.

Well, if it’s design inspiration you seek, look no further than the SimpliciKey electronic lock. The quick, 20-minute DIY installation project will pay off in added convenience—and increase your home’s value when you do decide to sell.

So, are you staying put? Updating? Or are you in the 10% of movers and shakers?




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