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Simplify Your Life: 5 Tips for Garage Organization

Aug 09 2012

Getting organized is easier said than done. But once achieved, home organization is immensely rewarding. A more organized household equates to a more simple life. In accordance with SimpliciKey’s emphasis on living simply at home, we’re exploring ideas for getting organized and simplifying on our blog this month.

We’re beginning in the garage, which often becomes a giant trashcan for unwanted household items. Many people don’t spend much time in the garage and the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality takes over. Resist it with these tips:

Photo courtesy of ehomedecor.net

1. Set aside some time: Like we said, getting organized is easier said than done. Set aside ample time—like a whole weekend—to get your garage organized. You may think you’ll just “chip away at it” over time, but it’s really the kind of thing that must be attacked all at once.

2. Rethink things: There are probably many items wasting away in your garage that could be of more use to someone else—or the trashcan. As you make your way through the garage, build three piles: keep, give away, and trash. Donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army are tax deductible, so why not get organized, do a good deed, and be rewarded for it?

3. Bin it: Take note of the items you intend to keep as your sort. Purchase appropriately sized and weighted plastic bins to store these items. Using bins instead of boxes will give a more permanent feeling to the organization and enforce the rule: something in, something out. You should maintain the same number of bins in your garage at all times. If you need more bins, you really just need to get rid of some items.

4. Shelve it: Install shelving and cabinets to store your bins. Also, remember vertical storage—like pegboards and bike hooks—can help get items off the ground or countertop. If everything has its place, maintaining garage organization will be that much easier.

5. Flooring: It is perhaps less motivating to organize the garage because people don’t generally spend much time there, as previously mentioned, and because garages are inherently dirty. An epoxy floor coating or interlock tiling are relatively easy to install, inexpensive, and will really give the garage a more formal, clean feeling.

Even the most organized of homes oftentimes have quite messy garages. Be the exception to the rule and achieve ultimate organization to simplify your life. Like we said, SimpliciKey is all about living simply at home. Our product lets you lock and unlock doors with the touch of a button—either via remote control key fob or ultra sleek, hidden keypad.

What’s your secret to an organized garage?