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The Many Benefits of Going Keyless

Feb 06 2013

Car entry has been a keyless process for many years with the key fob coming standard with most car models for years. More and more cars are now featuring keyless ignition as well. Likewise, electronic door locks are paving the way for keyless home entry. In fact, the SimpliciKey allows keyless home entry by remote control key fob, keypad, and coming soon: KeyCloud, a mobile app for home convenience.


What does all this keyless innovation mean to you? A simpler, more streamlined life, of course! Our goal here at SimpliciKey has always been to simplify the lives of our customers and we’re achieving that goal through innovation. Four major benefits of going keyless follow:

1. No more getting locked out. Keyless home entry means you don’t need your key to enter your home, meaning you can’t misplace your house keys and get locked out of your home. You can either punch in your customized code on the keypad or, with the arrival of KeyCloud, you can use a mobile device to unlock your home. No misplaced keys. No getting locked out. Simpler life.

2. No more hassling. With both keyless car ignition and keyless home entry, you can say goodbye to hassling with a big, clunky key ring when hands are full.

3. No more mystery. KeyCloud will let users see if doors are locked or unlocked and when certain members of the household come and go, meaning no more mystery. Are the doors locked? Look at your phone, tablet, or computer to easily find out. Is the handyman still working at the house? Use KeyCloud to see if he or she has used their unique code to the lock the door behind them. 

4. Security. Losing car and home keys is a big pain. Does someone out there have my key? Do they know where I live? And the cost of having locks replaced and new keys made makes the investment in keyless home entry seem minimal. 

The way we see it, most homes will come standard with keyless home entry in a matter of years. Get ahead of the curve, get SimpliciKey, and start simplifying life.