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DIY Your Furniture for a New Feel This Season

Aug 06 2013

Tis the season for DIY! Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, saving money on household items is never a bad idea. And of course we all have those items that are just “taking up space” in our home. DIY furniture is a perfect combination of saving money and reusing. Not only that, but you get all the control the feel and look of your new furniture. Let it reflect your own personal style, or mix and match and create a new style—you can even try seasonal accents and details! Here are some great DIY furniture ideas to give your home a new feel this season.

1.     Dresser Diversification

image via etsy.com

If you find yourself in the possession of a less than desirable dresser, don’t fret! Repurpose it! DIY dresser transformations are easy, creative, and can do a lot more for you and your home than just holding your socks and T-shirts. Just remove some of the drawers, add some paint, and a cushion, and voila! A bench with built-in storage!

2.    Dynamite Desks

image via lizmarieblog.com

Most of us have a need for tables, desks, or workstations, and buying these items are not always cheap. However, DIY desk ideas are simple and add a creative and thought-provoking aspect to your home, while also using other items that might just be collecting dust in your garage. Some stained ply wood and a couple of old barstools can make an inspiring workspace.  

3.     Table Transformation

Tables and side tables are often a room focal point. To make them even more quirky, fun, and colorful, try cool DIY table ideas. Not only will you have a sound structure, but you can model the room décor with your accents and place extra matching detail on the tables—like books, plants, handmade artwork and pieces, etc. It’s as simple as taking an old barn or outdoor shed door to create a rustic coffee table.

4.     Changed Chairs

image via athomealterations.com

We all have those mismatched chairs that belong to a different dining room set. Instead of throwing them in the dumpster, we have some better ideas. Create an old-fashioned dress boy against a blank wall, re-upholster grandma’s outdated armchair into a printed chair that’s hip and inviting, or take a set of chairs and create a sleek or rustic bench with multiple seating.

5.     Savvy Storage Solutions

image via countryliving.com

You could be the most organized person in the world, but you still need space to store things. By creating your own storage units, you can control the feel of the room, keep items better organized, and add some extra style to what would normally be a box in a closet. DIY storage drawers and units can be as simple as painting, stacking, and organizing old filing cabinets.

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