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Must-Have Home Decorating Apps

Oct 15 2013

Technology can make your life easier in a myriad of different ways, including interior decorating! Check out how these 5 iPhone apps can make your interior decorating projects both easier and better!


Image via The Independent 

iHandy Level (free)

Have you ever regretted “just winging it” when hanging photos or shelves on a wall? Of course you have! Levels are crucial tools for all hanging projects. Unfortunately, it’s a big pain to dig through your junk drawer to find it in the middle of your project. That’s why having a level right on your phone is so great!

Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool ($2.99)

Find the right furniture layout for your room without having to move heavy furniture back and forth. This app lets your create an aerial image of your room, then arrange your furnishings virtually to find the best layout.

Colour Capture (free)

Finding the perfect color paint can be maddening. Paint chips can be misleading, and it’s hard to feel inspired while you’re in a hardware store. That’s why Colour Capture is so great. This app lets you take a photo of anything (a flower, a pillow, a car…anything!) then find the same color paint! 

Houzz (free)

This app has the nickname “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” for a reason. The app includes over a million photos of inspirational rooms to browse through, organize, and save. It’s like accessing thousands of interior design magazines and keeping all those torn out pages in neat little files.

SnapShop Showroom (free)

Use SnapShop Showroom to see how new furniture will look in your home before you buy it! It’s hard to gauge how a new piece of furniture will fit into your home until you actually see it there. That’s why this app is so handy. You can test it out before you make the financial commitment!

Of course, one piece of technology that will make your life simpler every single day is the SimpliciKey electronic deadbolt! The remote control fob allows your hands to stay free for juggling kids, grocery bags, or loot from a successful shopping trip!

Tell us, which of these apps do you think you’ll download first?