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5 Technologies that Make Your House a Little Smarter

Oct 22 2013

Our computers are smart. Our cars are smart. We’re smart (usually). Even our decorating is smart. Well with a little help, the whole house can smart. With technology comes exciting new advancements. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 5 technologies that can make your house a little smarter. Take a look!

Image via greatlivingspaces.com

  1. Smart-home systems: from cheap to ultraluxe. Even the most simple smart-home systems can let you turn on the lights, turn up the heat, or open the door for the plumber—from anywhere. A typical package includes one central system for lighting and energy saving based on location, computerized thermostats, pool and spa controls, and advanced burglar alarms.
  2. Uber-appliances. Control your appliances from anywhere in your home with a hands-on, remote-controlled app. With the GE Brillion app you’ll be able to turn your oven on, get an alert when your cookies are ready, and even change your oven’s temperature right from your living room. With new and improved technology, it’s easy to control your appliances from the ease of your smartphone.
  3. Nest Thermostat. We thought we’ve seen it all—until Nest came around. A smart thermostat that monitors your activity, and learns your schedule and temperature preferences, will heat or cool your home as it deems appropriate. You can save energy, time, and money with this handy new control.
  4. SmartThings. What if your house just ran itself? That’s the idea behind SmartThings, a platform that makes everyday objects respond to digital cues. More and more we have the ability to use our smartphones to improve our lives, and this time it’s no different. You can use your smartphone to have access to lights and switches, people and cars, doors and locks, and even dangers and damages assessments.
  5. GENBAND Communication. With Genband’s household communication abilities, you can consolidate and bundle the functions of various alternative communication. Have access to a blended family address book, a household family communicator, a family calendar, remote-controlled features, and family conferencing and file sharing right from the convenience of one device.

Of course there’s one other system that’s designed to make your life easier. With an electronic deadbolt from SimpliciKey, you can enjoy the convenience, ease, and security of electronically entering and exiting your home. With its hands-free capabilities, you’ll no longer have to worry about juggling groceries, kids, and everything else in life. Live a safer, more convenient life.

What other things make your home smarter? Let us know in the comments!