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Technology that didn't exist a few years ago that we can't live without now

Oct 31 2013

There are a lot of things in life we think—no, we know—we can’t live without. Most of us would probably say that our phones are one of those things. As technological advancements continue to amaze us with new devices, there are a few things that we’ve probably developed a stronger attachment to than we realize. Here’s to the new technology that is now an integral part of our lives!

Image via hotandtrendymag.com

·       Apps: We have the smartphones, but we can’t use them to their full capabilities without apps. While new smartphones come out frequently, new apps come out daily. We can use apps to decorate, plan events, and even figure out the best knot to tie in any given situation. Chances are, if you need something done or figured out, there’s an app for it.

·       Personal Computer: While these seem a little cliché now, believe it or not, there was a time when the majority of the population didn’t have access to a personal computer or laptop. Nowadays, it’s apparent that we can’t live without them as over 80% of the population has at least one personal computer in their home.

·       Wi-Fi: Along with computers, laptops, and all our new devices, Wi-Fi has been a key player in helping us live a wireless, hassle-free life. Having access to the Internet in public, commercial, and private locations—wherever we are—is convenient in staying top of our busy lives.

·       Bluetooth capabilities: Want a safer, more convenient way to talk to people on the go? Bluetooth has allowed us to do just that with its convenience and flexibility in allowing you to link devices and communicate with others hands-free and from devices. Not only that, but you can also use Bluetooth to wirelessly play music on Bluetooth-capable sound systems.

·       Tablet: Tablets, like most things, have become more and more advanced. You can now have access to features you originally would only have on your laptop or computer, now in the form of a portable, touch-screen, travel-size device.

·       New gaming consoles: While some gaming consoles have been around since the 80s, they’ve only just recently began to take off as multi-purpose consoles for gaming and more. With the announcement that the new  Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release this November, we have the option to play the most interactive, realistic games, while also having the ability to access the internet, watch movies, and listen to music from a single, all-purpose entertainment unit.

Surprise, surprise—new devices aren’t the only thing we can’t live without. SimpliciKey’s electronic deadbolt is designed to make your life easier with its hands-free, remote access to entering and exiting your home with everything in tow. Once it’s installed, it won’t take long for it to make the list as something you can’t live without.

What other technology can’t you live without? Tell us in the comments