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The Newest iPhone: How do new 5S features Simplify Life

Nov 05 2013

Ladies and gentlemen—the iPhone 5S has arrived! Oh wait, that was so 2 months ago. Now that you have the newest iPhone—or are at least considering buying it—you’ll want to use it to its max potential. In this day and age, new technology is handy in simplifying our lives, and the iPhone 5S is no different. Check out these ways that the new 5S features can simplify your life.  

Image via ibtimes.com

  1. Touch ID: You check your phone dozens and dozens of times a day, but no one likes to get slowed down by entering a passcode every time. We don’t want anyone else having access to our phone, but there has to be an easier way to access it. Well with the 5S Touch ID feature, there is. Simply put your finger on the home button, and your iPhone will conveniently unlock. No more passcode hassle!
  2. A7 Chip: There’s fast, and then there’s extremely fast. The new iPhone—the first 64-bit smartphone—boasts an A7 chip to give you better graphics, higher quality, and faster processing. Enjoy the architecture of your desktop in the convenience of your phone so you can access the things you need faster and easier.
  3. iSight Camera: Smartphone photography has quickly become the norm—and we’re not surprised in the slightest. Not only is the new iPhone’s iSight Camera multi-purpose, high quality, and even slow motion video capable, but it’s also more convenient to carry around than an actual digital camera. You’ll always have your phone on you to capture the perfect candid moment—Kodak moment no more, we’re in the smartphone era now.
  4. Built-in apps: Apps are what make our lives—and using our smartphones—easier. Lucky for new iPhone users, iOS7 conveniently comes with an amazing collection of built-in apps for all the things you need, want, and have to have. Send emails and texts, browse the web, shoot and share picture-perfect photos, get directions, and more—right from your iPhone.
  5. iCloud: Want to access and share your content from device to device and friend to friend? iCloud lets you access your content on all your apple devices, while also sharing photos with friends who have iOS 7 devices. They can comment on your photos, and post their own. When your stuff is in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. Live conveniently and breathe easier.

Something else that’s designed to make your life easier—an electronic door lock will do the trick! While you enjoy the life-simplifying new features on your iPhone 5S, you can simultaneously enjoy the comforts and convenience of electronically entering and exiting your home. Enjoy the all-around comforts of simplicity with SimpliciKey.

What are some other 5S features that simplify your life? Let us know in the comments