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Knowing When to DIY

Nov 07 2013

DIY—It’s cheap. It’s rewarding. But sometimes, it’s more complicated than it looks on TV. There are some projects that you can handle yourself, while others should be left to the professionals. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to DIY or seek the help of a trained professional:

Photo courtesy of greathomepainting.com

  •  Time is of the essence: We’re all busy. And we all have our priorities. Before you agree to DIY, be sure you know both how long the project should take and how much time you’re willing to put in.
  •  Level of expertise: Before you find yourself covered in questionable liquid squirting from a pipe you didn’t mean to unhook under the sink, consider the level of expertise required for the job. Some projects require more than just a manual. Simplicikey’s electronic deadbolt is both easy and fast to install—a project that any DIYer can handle.
  •  Know what can go wrong: The cost of a project is one thing, but the costs of what can potentially go wrong during a DIY job are important to consider.
  •  Tools needed: Some projects may require heavy-duty tools that you don’t have access to (or any idea how to use). Before beginning a project, make sure you know what tools you may need.

While DIY may save money, there are times that it may not be worth the level of stress it creates. The considerations above will help you decide if DIY is appropriate for your home improvement task.