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How to Simplify Black Friday Shopping

Nov 21 2013

While most would say that this is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it can also be the most hectic. Shopping lists, long lines, finding the best deals—these all go hand-in-hand with the dreaded, feared, and yet highly revered day- after-Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday. To help simplify your life and make this Black Friday—well, a little less hectic—we’ve come up with some helpful hints!

Image via annarbor.com

·       Be prepared. This means studying the ads before Black Friday. Check comprehensive Black Friday websites to look for the best deals. You can also use the convenience of social media to check if your favorite retailers are offering any incentives if you “Like” or “Follow” their pages.

·       Create a targeted list of stores. Traffic is bad on Black Friday no matter where you are. Before you even pack up the car with your friends in tow, plan out which stores you want—or have—to visit. Put them in the order you plan to visit so you can easily develop the best route. If possible, come up with alternative routes for areas that might have a bigger problem with traffic congestion.

·       Go with the rural option. Even though bigger cities seem like the logical option for Black Friday fanatics, it’s important to not forget the small-town stores. When you’re looking to make purchases from chain stores, look to rural districts that have these stores. The same great deals will be available, but the crowds will be less—well, crowded. Some smaller town chain stores even offer additional deals to help incentivize purchases.   

·       Prioritize your purchases. Even if you plan on getting everything that’s on your list, you can simplify the whole shopping process if you prioritize all purchases. Before you start shopping, it’s important to know which purchases are the most important. If it starts to take too long in one section, you can move on to the next purchase before you miss everything.

·       Stick to the budget. Most importantly, decide how much you want to spend and stick to it. Resist buying impulse in the store to keep your spending on track. 

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What are some other tips for simplifying the Black Friday experience? Let us know in the comments section.