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How to “Disconnect” During a Vacation

Dec 05 2013

 Everyone needs a little vacation every once in a while. It’s healthy, it’s relaxing, it’s just necessary. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to the beach, flying to another country, or even pitching a tent in your backyard for a week, we all need to get away.  But a vacation really can’t be a vacation unless we disconnect ourselves from the trifles of everyday life. How do you do this without completely stripping out the conveniences of technology, you ask? Check out our suggestions below.


Image via smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com

1.     Don’t pack your laptop. Unless your one of those people who can disconnect their Wi-Fi just to write or look up pictures, most of us should probably distance ourselves from temptation. Just don’t pack it. Instead of binging on social media and your favorite TV series, spend time hiking, laying out on the beach, exploring a new city—well, you get the picture.

2.     Disconnect your work email. If someone needs something done, they can wait until you get back. First step, go to your email settings and leave an instant reply saying you are out the office. If someone really, really needs something, you can leave a name and email address of another colleague that will take care of issues that might arise. Second step, don’t hold back. Delete your work email from your phone for the duration of your vacation.

3.     Turn off social media notifications. Ignorance really is bliss, and the world will not stop revolving if you don’t get your daily dose of Twitter. Not seeing those little notifications pop up on your phone makes cutting out all social media temptations easier.

4.     Get your nose away from your phone screen. Just put the phone down for a little bit. Use it for nifty hiking apps or your weekly phone calls with your mom, but other than that try to cut down on cell usage. In fact, try turning it off for a couple hours every day you’re gone.

5.     Plan ahead. In some cases, tech can make your trip better. Bring a GPS or download that handy app on your phone. Just figure out what you really do need to make your trip a success.

6.     Focus on family and friends. With temptation out of the way you can direct your attention to what matters most—spending time with family and friends. Plan simple outings, live your vacation in the moment, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

And when you get home after a long, restful vacation continue to let the simplicity live on. With the ease of an electronic deadbolt from SimpliciKey, you can juggle all your luggage and souvenirs while being that much closer to the comforts of home.