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How to Secure Your Home When You’re Away for the Holiday

Dec 12 2013

The holidays are the perfect time to get away for a bit. Visit family and friends, take a vacation, and just do fun things. Unfortunately the holidays are also prime time for home burglaries. While you’re out and about, take the time and effort to make your home less likely to fall victim to theft. Check our step by step instructions for securing your home when you’re away for the holiday. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Image via angieslist.com

1.     Make sure it looks like you’re home when you’re away. Putting lights on a timer or leaving them on if you’re going out for the evening, combined with moderate noise may deter burglars. Keep a TV or a radio on a timer, or light up your porch or yard with a time controller.

2.     Phone a friend. Have a trusted neighbor or friend collect your mail and watch your property when you’re away. And make sure you do the same for them. You can also temporarily stop newspapers and mail service so the mail pile-up doesn’t alert potential burglars.

3.     Never advertise your departure. This may be easier said than done, especially for those of us who update personal information on our social networking sites frequently, but the less who know about when you’ll be gone, the less chance unwanted people have of finding out.

4.     Keep everything on schedule. Leave shades and blinds as you normally have them, and make sure your outdoor lawn, sidewalk, or porch care looks tidy and on schedule.

5.     Keep your garage door closed at all times. Garage doors are a favorite point of entry for burglars. Keep the door from your garage into your home securely locked as well. As an extra precaution, be sure that tools, ladders, and other objects that could be used to break into your home are securely locked inside your home and out of sight.

6.     Secure all jewelry and valuables in a secure place. A home safe can be a great investment for storing valuables, including important home and family-related documents, family heirlooms, or expensive jewelry.

7.      Lock all exterior doors securely. Make sure your outdoor locks are reliable, and use thick cylinder locks on outside entrances. If you’re still worried about someone picking or forcing locks, or dismantling your outside door lock, try other solutions. With an electronic deadbolt from SimpliciKey you can enjoy the convenience of keyless entry, while also trusting that your home is secure while you’re away. Celebrate the season stress-free.

Break-ins can be easily avoided with the proper precautions. So be prepared, make wise decisions, and just relax. While the holidays can be stressful, you can make your life a little more hassle-free by following our tips. Feel at ease this holiday season with SimpliciKey.

Tell us, what are some other handy tips for securing your home while you’re away for the holidays?