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How to Avoid (or at Least Control) Time-Wasting Habits

Dec 27 2013

Let’s face it—there never seem to be enough hours in the day. The only way to get more time is to either work faster or work smarter. Most of us already work as fast as we can without sacrificing quality. The solution: avoid—or at least control—time-wasting habits. Here are some of our tips to help you work and play smarter.


Photo courtesy of Commons.Wikimedia.com

Control Time-Wasters

·       Begin your day with a plan. If you have a plan or even a to-do list of everything you want to get accomplished each day, you can better balance and manage work and play. And at the end of every day, make it a habit to create a to-do list for the next day.

·       Prioritize, don’t procrastinate. Most of us like to do the easy things first and save the harder tasks for later. But what if those harder tasks never get done? Your plan each day should be prioritized by importance. Get the most important tasks done first. The rest of the day will seem much easier in comparison.

·       Focus. Seems like a simple concept. However a majority of people lose a lot of productivity from distractions and interruptions. Maintain your concentration and be amazed at your heightened productivity.


Avoid Time-Wasters

·       Cut out non-essential emails. How much time do you spend typing and replying to emails each day? Probably a lot. Now how much of that time is spent on emails that aren’t directly related to the execution of your job or daily tasks? Filter, cut out, or remove yourself from mailing lists for nonessential emails. This means less time going through emails and more time being productive.

·       Shut your social media down. Start tracking how much you use social media each day by marking the minutes in a notebook. After you realized that in the course of the day you spent 3 hours on Facebook and Pinterest, aim to cut the usage down each day. Keep cutting back to a reachable goal and a number that makes you proud. And if you’re feeling really gutsy, temporarily or permanently remove the Facebook App from your phone. This limits your usage to a computer.

·       Learn to say “No.” You can’t always take care of everyone else, especially when you’re pressed for time. Spend less time on the phone each day or less time multi-tasking while on the phone to give individual tasks your undivided attention. You can still care and be responsible while saying “no” to trivial time-wasters.



No matter what your day-to-day tasks consist of, being smarter with your time is sure to increase productivity, time spent having fun, and overall happiness. Continue to keep your precious time where you need it most by installing an electronic deadbolt from SimpliciKey. You can save time without fumbling for keys while you’re on the go each day. Manage your time better every day.

Tell us, how do you avoid time-wasting habits?