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  • Simplifying the complicated life.

    Our Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt offers easy keyless entry by remote keyfob, a few pushes of the keypad, or by traditional key. It’s your choice, and it’s all in one lock for your home.

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  • We innovate peace-of-mind.

    At SimpliciKey, we’re more than just leaders in electronic lock technology — we strive to create smart, lifestyle-centric products that provide convenience for the whole family.

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  • Get peace-of-mind knowing a loved one won’t be locked out.

    Family members can use one of your assigned keycodes to enter the home and with KeyCloud™ compatible locks, you can even receive an alert when they do.

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Introducing SimpliciKey Connect. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

Simplifying the complicated life just got a whole lot easier with our next generation product, SimpliciKey Connect, which allows you to use your smartphone or computer to control your locks from anywhere in the world.

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SimpliciKey Freedom.

Enjoy the convenience and safety of locking and unlocking your home, with visual confirmation, from inside or outside using the SimpliciKey Freedom remote control keyfob.

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A helping ‘hand’ for your busy lifestyle.

A plumber at noon? Kids at 3:30? A neighbor while you’re on vacation? With SimpliciKey, you can assign temporary or permanent individual access codes. And with KeyCloud™ compatible deadbolts, you’ll be even more empowered by enabling the remote home access from your mobile device.