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Who We Are

At SimpliciKey, we understand that sometimes, life can be tough to negotiate. The need to manage our homes, our careers, our civic and social obligations, and all of the other expected and unexpected tasks on any given day can be overwhelming. That is why the SimpliciKey Family, a team of engineers, designers, and market researchers saw the need to help simplify those things in life that seemed a little more complicated than they needed to be. With our focus on the home, the team knew there had to be an easier way to provide the homeowner greater control and easier access with complete peace of mind. After talking with thousands of potential consumers, SimpliciKey developed and manufactured the SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt.

Developed to give families greater convenience and enhanced security, the SimpliciKey electronic door lock is a product that offers a more simplistic approach to secure residential access while creating an aesthetic that homeowners are proud to display on their front door. The result is an electronic door lock that charts a new path in home security solutions.

With its sleek handheld remote control devices, its backlit alpha-numeric keypad, or its traditional key, SimpliciKey gives you the options you need to enter and exit your home electronically, with complete peace of mind. At SimpliciKey, we imagined a world in which mothers could drive up to their homes, despite weather conditions and use their SimpliciKey remote control from their car to conveniently unlock and enter their home. We envisioned homeowners enjoying the convenience of allowing trusted guests into their home without their presence. We envisioned an electronic lock that would pay homage to the long-standing tradition of mechanical locks while pressing toward a world in which the convenience, security, and beauty of SimpliciKey would open the door for the use of metal keys as an option, not a rule. What began as a concept has now become a reality, and quite simply, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

SimpliciKey — the power of convenience and security at your fingertips.

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See how SimpliciKey integrates into your busy life to make it just a bit easier in this short video.