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SimpliciKey Connect™

SimpliciKey Freedom™

SimpliciKey® Electronic Deadbolts & Accessories

Internet-enabled electronic deadbolt system. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or computer, add and delete keycodes remotely, view history, set automatic rules and much more.

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Lock and unlock doors using the SimpliciKey Freedom Remote Control Keyfob or covered keypad. The remote control has superior range outside and inside, with visual confirmation and the electronic deadbolt is KeyCloud compatible.

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Remote Control Electronic Deadbolts with remote control keyfobs, covered keypads and keys. Additional keyfobs are available in single pack and dual pack options.

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All SimpliciKey® Remote Control Electronic Deadbolts feature our signature covered backlit, alpha numeric keypad, capable of storing up to 16 unique keycodes, remote control keyfob(s) and 2 metal keys.