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SimpliciKey Connect™

Look for our next generation product which is designed to provide convenience through technology: the all new SimpliciKey Connect™.

Home automation just got simpler with SimpliciKey Connect powered by KeyCloud™ technology. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer. Add and delete codes remotely, whenever and wherever you are, to give or deny access to those you desire when you are not home. View the history so you can know exactly when someone entered or exited your home. Set rules so you can have your doors lock at a certain times every night or whatever days you desire. Cancel the rule from wherever you are. This is empowerment!

Building upon the award-winning SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt's three easy modes of entry—keyfob, keypad, and standard key—SimpliciKey Connect uses KeyCloud technology to provide remote locking or unlocking of the deadbolt without being at the home. Working with iOS, Android devices and any web-browser, SimpliciKey Connect not only allows convenient and secure home access from anywhere, but also offers other great control features:

  • Assign keycodes and keyfobs to specific household members
  • Check the status of each lock in the home
  • Access usage history of all keycodes and keyfobs
  • Set rules, parameters and notifications for each lock

Simply plug in the included KeyCloud gateway to your router and register your SimpliciKey Connect lock to access all control features and set up customizable usage alerts.*

*A yearly maintenance subscription plan of $14.99 applies.

SimpliciKey Connect™ At-a-Glance

  • Web-based system for home entry control from computer and mobile devices

  • Receive notifications, such as when a door is unlocked, as specified by user through the web app

  • Doors can be set to lock on schedule, by particular individuals, or at any time from remote command

Look for KeyCloud™ Compatibility

KeyCloud compatible devices are easily identified with either of the following symbols:

The SimpliciKey Connect™ Deadbolt in available finishes