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SimpliciKey Freedom™

The freedom to lock or unlock your home from outside or from any room indoors.

Now you have the freedom to lock and unlock your door from up to 50 feet away outside, or from any room inside the home using an innovative and robust 4-Button Remote Control Keyfob with the SimpliciKey® Dual Antenna Electronic Deadbolt.

SimpliciKey Freedom™

Locking and unlocking your home from outside or inside is just one of the conveniences that SimpliciKey Freedom provides. You can enter your home quickly without fumbling with keys by using the ergonomically designed remote control keyfob to lock and unlock your door from up to 50 ft away. Whether you are outside or inside a room far from your door, you get locking and unlocking confirmation and peace of mind with SimpliciKey Freedom.

Experience the ways SimpliciKey Freedom can work to make locking and unlocking your door more convenient:

SimpliciKey Freedom Remote Control Keyfob

·          Easy-to-grip design features large buttons that are easy to press

·          Locks and unlocks your home remotely from outside (up to 50 ft away)

·          Locks and unlocks your home remotely from any room indoors

·          Gives confirmation that you have locked or unlocked your door

·          Controls up to (2) SimpliciKey Dual-Antenna deadbolts

·          Powered by 2 AAA included batteries which last up to 1 year



·          Backlit alpha-numeric keypad with sliding cover accommodates up to 16 different codes

·          Allow family, friends and authorized guests access to your home if you are not there, or if you cannot get to the door. 



·          Includes 2 metal keys for traditional access to your home

·          Keyway can be rekeyed to be compatible with other keyed entry door locks in your home

The Dual Antenna Electronic Deadbolt used with SimpliciKey Freedom is constructed of all-metal and can be installed in 20-30 minutes with just a Phillips head screwdriver when replacing your existing standard deadbolt. The ANSI Grade II certified electronic deadbolt is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and includes all mounting hardware.

*Range varies based on home size and construction.

SimpliciKey Freedom™ At-a-GlanceSimpliciKey Freedom™ At-a-Glance

  • Home entry control using an ergonomically designed 4-Button Remote Control Keyfob

  • Doors can be locked or unlocked from outside or from any room inside the home

  • Features the SimpliciKey Dual Antenna Electronic Deadbolt

  • Assistive technology

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