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SimpliciKey Freedom™ Scenarios

When you need to lock your front door from a different room.

Imagine this. It’s been a long day and you have just prepared to go upstairs to bed. You are watching a late night show with your wife in the bedroom and as the show is about to go off, your wife asks if you locked the door. You tell her yes and reassure her by pressing the lock button on the 4-button remote control keyfob that you keep on your nightstand. When you press the lock button, the deadbolt automatically locks and the green light on your keyfob confirms that your door is now indeed locked. You both share a laugh and turn in for the night with complete peace of mind, knowing that your home is secured.

When using traditional keys start to become more challenging.

Imagine this. Your schedule has you leaving your home several times a day. But there are times when arthritis just doesn’t allow you to grip a key, much less use it to continually lock and unlock your door. After arriving home you stop at the mailbox to get your mail. You are holding the mail and other items, so instead of fumbling with keys, you unlock the front door by pressing the large unlock button on your easy-to-grip 4-button remote control keyfob as you approach the door. You enter your home and once inside, you close the door behind you and sit down in the den to begin reading your mail. Then you press the lock button on your 4-button remote control keyfob, which gives you reassuring confirmation that you locked your door.

When you need to let someone in your home.

Imagine this. You are a person with a disability. You are working on the computer in your study when your doorbell rings. You are in your chair and move to the door where you recognize your sister who has come from out of town to surprise you. Using your 4-button remote control keyfob you have attached to your wheelchair, you press the unlock button and your sister immediately hears the deadbolt unlock, then gladly enters your home. You and your sister are enjoying each other’s company and after a while, your oldest son arrives to drop off a few things. He uses the keypad to enter his code and he opens the door to greet everyone. Your sister is impressed and you decide to give her a keycode of her own for your home.

SimpliciKey Freedom™ At-a-GlanceSimpliciKey Freedom™ At-a-Glance

  • Home entry control using an ergonomically designed 4-Button Remote Control Keyfob

  • Doors can be locked or unlocked from outside or from any room inside the home

  • Features the SimpliciKey Dual Antenna Electronic Deadbolt

  • Assistive technology

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