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Q. When I enter a code on the keypad, nothing happens. Why?
A. During installation, be sure that you have properly connected the gray wire and be certain that you are using 4 new batteries. Also be certain that SimpliciKey has successfully completed its auto-orientation process. DO NOT interrupt this process. Remove one of the batteries and insert the battery again to be sure the auto-orientation process has been completed. The deadbolt should be retracted before beginning the auto-orientation process and the thumbturn should be in a vertical position.

Q. How do I delete an individual keycode?
A. To delete you an individual code, enter your Administration Code, followed by *. Next, enter 3352633* (DEL CODE*). Then enter the keycode in which you wish to delete, followed by *. Enter the keycode again, followed by *. Now, test to make sure the keycode has been deleted. If the keycode has not been deleted succesfully, you can follow the steps to delete all of the keycodes. You can also perform a Master Reset which deletes all codes and all remote control keyfobs from the system (you can reprogram the keycodes and keyfobs back to SimpliciKey by using the ADD FOB and ADD CODE functions).

Q. How do I delete all keycodes?
A. To delete all keycodes, enter your Administration Code, followed by *. Next, enter 3526337* (DL CODES*). Then, enter 3526337* (DL CODES*) again. Now, test to make sure all keycodes have been deleted.

Q. Can I use my Administration Code to lock and unlock my SimpliciKey?
A. Yes, but ONLY if you program SimpliciKey™ with your Administration Code. To assign a key code to SimpliciKey, enter your Administration Code followed by *. Then, enter ADD CODE* ( 2332633*). Next, enter the 4,5 or 6 digit code you wish to become your keycode, followed by *. Then, enter it again, followed by *. Now, test your new keycode. If you wish for your Administration Code to become one of your key codes, you must program your SimpliciKey™ with your Administration Code following the steps above.

Q. Can I press one button on my SimpliciKey to unlock my deadbolt?
A. No. When you wish to lock SimpliciKey, you may do so by pressing the lock/unlock button, however, for security reasons, you must enter one of your pre-programmed keycodes, followed by the lock/unlock button to unlock your SimpliciKey™ with the keypad.

Q. I can use my metal key to lock SimpliciKey, but when I unlock my SimpliciKey, I am unable to pull my key out of the keyway. Why?
A. Be certain that during installation, the deadbolt remains retracted. Furthermore, the bar from the keypad should enter the crosshairs of the deadbolt assembly horizontally. Once this is done, the thumbturn will be in a vertical position during the installation process. Remember, with the thumbturn in a vertical position, the deadbolt should be retracted. When the thumbturn is in a horizontal position, the deadbolt will be extended.

Q. Can I rekey SimpliciKey?
A. Yes. Simply remove the plate from the back of the keypad (4 screws). Then remove the keyway and take to your lock professional to rekey. SimpliciKey™ uses a 6 pin keywyay.

Q. Can I use one (1) SimpliciKey remote to open all my doors equipped with SimpliciKey?
A. No. SimpliciKey is currently designed to respond only to the remotes that have been programmed to it. Once a remote control has been programmed to one SimpliciKey, that remote can not operate a different SimpliciKey.


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